Support from the Friends of the Shelton Animal Shelter is made possible by donations from our volunteers and others in the community. Every penny that FSAS receives is used on behalf of the animals . . . whether through paying for spaying or neutering, medical care like vaccinations, pet food and other items needed at the Shelton Animal Shelter.

There are a number of easy giving options you can choose from providing small donations to naming FSAS as a beneficiary in your will.

One Time Giving
Every donation that is given is appreciated, because it means that we can better provide for the animals in our care. Each year FSAS receives small and large gifts from individuals and organizations. We can’t express to you the gratitude we have for any amount that you give. It makes a big difference in FSAS’s effectiveness.

Monthly or Regular Giving
Monthly or regular gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream for FSAS that makes a real difference in the type and quality of the help we can give.  For example, the Shelton High School Student Council sent FSAS donations in both March 2010 of $1,000 and in July 2010 of $500. Thanks to the Shelton High students who made this generous giving possible!

Some animals who arrive at the shelter are in critical medical condition and require veterniary care that costs a great deal. We are fortunate to have relationships with animal clinics and vets who provide highly complex care at reasonable rates. Each year in May, FSAS conducts a low cost community rabies clinic in partnership with local veternarians who generously provide their expertise at no cost.

Corporate and Matched Giving
Did you know that many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees. Some companies will even match donations from retirees. By simply completing a matching gift form, you may be able to double or even triple the impact of your gift! Gifts of any amount help. Please ask your company’s Development Office, if they have such a program.

A special story . . . one of our volunteers and active supporters donated $1,425 to FSAS. In addition, FSAS received matching gifts totalling $800 and a grant of $1,500 from The Prudential Foundation as a result of her donations. Since 2006, Suzanne, a Prudential associate who works at its Shelton location, provided food and toys to the Shelton Animal Shelter. After learning about FSAS, Suzanne turned her donations in directly to the non-profit organization. This meant that all the money Suzanne raised from her recycling efforts could be matched by the foundation. The Prudential Foundation invests over $25 million annually in grants to support the revitalization of communities. The Foundation also supports Prudential employees’ community engagement efforts through matching gifts and special programs that recognize their volunteer efforts.

Honor Giving
Sending a donation to FSAS is a wonderful way to celebrate the special people, animals and events in your life.  You can give in celebration of a loved one’s birthday or anniversary, as a memorial recogntion, or in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.

Send donations to:
Friends of the Shelton Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 2036
Shelton, CT 06484